I create a sense of place in my work that I define with the materiality of paint. This is an environment of call and response–where the heart and mind interact, encouraging the viewer to consider the connections between presence and reaction and solitude. When I paint, I ask myself how do the various elements of the landscape inform my identity and sense of inclusion.

Home, for me, is defined through my involvement in the landscape. The infinite sea, the enfolding forest, each produces insight for my paintings as I move through them. My reactions, both physical and psychological, to this movement, create intuitive points of reference. I employ these intuitions through the inclusion and layering of various materials that speak to my interest in the layered observation of the landscape. I build and reveal place in my abstract paintings using fluid transparent washes, heavy sedimented pigments and thick impasto to mimic the gesture of a wave or the splatter of rain or the density of soil.

My paintings are an individual form of communication that invites participation through the discovery of the landscape from an internal perspective. Ultimately I ask myself and the viewer to search for the places that hold one’s passions.